Cremation Memorialization Keepsakes from My Friend®

Celebrate the life of your beloved pet with a quality cremation keepsake item from My Friend®. We offer the highest quality of products that include bronze, pewter, or stainless steel cremation jewelry and beautiful urns for those of you choosing cremation for your pet. You can also choose from a wide variety of cultured stone keepsakes.

The cremation keepsake products we provide are ideal options for families that feel stressed or overwhelmed after losing a pet. At My Friend®, it’s our job to offer the assurance of a meaningful passing that aligns with your family’s specific needs and wishes. Whatever your specific needs may be, our depth of experience and compassion toward you and your family will help you through this difficult time.

By memorializing your pet with one of our specialty items uniquely suited to them, you and your family will be able to honor the life of your pet and help you find the closure you are looking for.

For more information on keepsakes for your pet, explore our many items or contact us today to learn more.

Note: A My Friend® Cremation Keepsake’s capacity for a pet’s cremated remains is listed, when applicable,as C.I. (cubic inches).


Celebrate the life of your beloved pet with the highest quality bronze, pewter, or stainless steel jewelry.



Honor the memory of your pet with an urn from My Friend®



A cultured stone keepsake is the perfect way to memorialize your pet and keep those treasured memories alive.