About Us

At My Friend®, we are compassionate and caring pet owners just like you. We understand that anyone who has ever had a pet has likely dealt with a loss – that’s why we feel it incredibly important to hold them close long after they have departed.

My Friend® was created knowing we all have a deep love for our pets. We are so attached to our pets that we consider them members of the family. Planning for losing them can be a bittersweet experience. They have been faithful companions and we love them unconditionally.

From the sweetest lap cat to the big dog who faithfully defends your family and property, every pet leaves a lasting impression. Some of our happiest memories are of our favorite pets. With that in mind, we created the My Friend® Pet Loss Kit. This kit contains all the items needed when a beloved pet passes away. We owe them nothing less than to prepare for their eventual passing to make sure they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Chris Stewart, president of My Friend®